How weirdly volatile will DJT (Trump Media & Tech Group Corp stock) be during April 2024?
May 1
Down to $25
Down to $20
Down to $15
Down to $10
Return to over $40
Down to $35, then up to $50
Down to $30, then up to $60
Up to $75, then down to $25
Up to $80, then down to $60
Down to $40, then up to $70
Up to $100, then down to $50
Up to $200
Down to $35
Down to $40
Down to $45
Down to $30

Starting value on April 1st at $61.96

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So I wonder what IPO purchasers think.
Do they think
Donald Trump will appreciate their help and they will somehow be rewarded.
That at least they get a loss for their donation that they were willing to give.
Do they believe in Trumps business ability and it will come good eventually.

Will any be reluctantly coming to conclusion that Trump has played them for suckers? or how else will they avoid reaching this conclusion?

bought Ṁ30 Up to $75, then down... NO

@ChristopherRandles SPAC mergers often smell. But what would happen if Trump gets elected president?

@OmarB Guess we assume Trump following normal protocol and divesting to avoid conflicts of interest is unlikely.

Also guess you are really suggesting that truth social will become more popular. In opposite direction, it amazes me that so many want a fraudster with so many legal issues as their president but it wouldn't do for us all to be the same.

bought Ṁ79 Down to $30 YES

Huh? 14.11 per
but 30.32 per
Has one adjusted for stock split or something?
Never mind just ignore DJTWW whatever that is, it is different

@ChristopherRandles We are tracking DJT, not DJTWW (no clue what thé latter is 😅)

@ChristopherRandles After a quick read, it looks to me that DJTWW are equity warrants

bought Ṁ31 Down to $35, then up... NO

It is a one way ticket downwards. Buying now doesn't help trump unless Trump wants to sell and if Trump wants to sell that tells you all you need to know.

bought Ṁ4 Down to $25 YES

@ChristopherRandles I am now wondering if any of his friends is going to the rescue

@OmarB What rescue from what? Trump has posted $175m bond. Buying shares? The money doesn't go to the company or Trump just to a stock seller. The media company probably just carries on losing money for a good long while until the company runs out of funds or its fortunes improve. Though I could easily be missing something obvious.

Down to $40
bought Ṁ750 Down to $40 YES

Day's Range 40.00 - 45.74
You didn't say below.

Down to $45
bought Ṁ660 Down to $45 YES

Day's Range 42.91 - 45.74

bought Ṁ26 Down to $40 YES

@ChristopherRandles Resolved, Thanks!

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