What book will get an overall rating above 8.5 / 10 in the Rationality Freiburg reading group?
resolved Jun 1
The Elephant in the Brain by Kevin Simler and Robin Hanson
Endless Forms Most Beautiful by Sean B. Carroll
The Philosophy and Science of Predictive Processing by Dina Mendonça et al.

The Rationality Freiburg reading group is composed of 6 people, though this might vary a little. We want to find great books to read next. We will consider reading any suggested book (most likely the ones with most bets) and whichever we did read within a year and gets a mean rating better than 8.5 / 10 will be chosen as a correct answer. There might therefore be more than one.

If we read no suggested book the market will resolve as N/A. If we finish at least one of the suggested books but no book reaches the threshold, the answer "None" will be chosen as correct.

We read the following books within the last 3 months:

  • What's Our Problem by Tim Urban - Mean rating: 8.70

  • The Scout Mindset by Julia Galef - Mean rating: 8.17

Actual votes:

What's Our Problem 9.50 8.50 8.00 8.50 - 9.00

The Scout Mindset 7.00 7.00 9.00 9.00 7.00 10.00

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"Other" was correct. There were two "Other" responses so I didn't know how to properly resolve that and was unable to find it in the Manifold docs within 5 minutes so I just resolved each for 50%.

Books that crossed the 8.50 threshold were The Blank Slate and The Brothers Karamazov.