Will the US Supreme Court reverse the Colorado’s Supreme Court decision to bar Trump from the ballot?
resolved Mar 4

"Colorado’s top court ruled on Tuesday that former President Donald J. Trump is disqualified from holding office again because he engaged in insurrection with his actions leading up to the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol, an explosive ruling that is likely to put the basic contours of the 2024 election in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court." (source)

"Mr. Trump’s campaign said immediately that it would appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Colorado justices anticipated that likelihood by putting their ruling on hold at least until Jan. 4; if Mr. Trump appeals before then, the hold will continue until the Supreme Court rules." (source)

Trump is currently disqualified from holding office by Colorado; AKA his name cannot appear on any Colorado state ballot (Republican primary, general election).

Resolves YES if:

  • the US Supreme Court justices take up the case

  • and reverses Colorado's ruling

Resolves NO if:

  • the US Supreme Court justices do not agree to review the case

  • or they review the case and uphold Colorado's ruling

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Bought and paid for already. I would love it to be a NO but very unlikely outcome.

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Isn't March 21 too early to resolve? What if they take the case then don't rule on it until after the election? Or is there a deadline?

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@ClubmasterTransparent I'll extend as necessary yeah, but just changed to the same date as the Republican National Convention in July.

@ClubmasterTransparent Colorado when it issued its ruling put the order on stay (hold) pending Supreme Court challenge ruling given it was Colorado highest court who issued the ruling so one can’t appeal in the state courts only U.S. Supreme Court and the matter is mostly a federal issue. Given that Maine followed Colorado and said Colorado was their guidance and other Democrat states were also taking up this exact issue across the country due to well-funded effort by left-wing, political activists and the primary were underway, Supreme Court had to take it up quick and issue ruling also quick given they were only asked if Colorado is allowed to exclude Trump from the presidential ballot in which they responded and ruling no Colorado doesn’t have the power under the constitution to enforce section 3 to ban someone from running for federal office especially President because doing so would dynamically become tit for tat with states banning their opponents and that would disenfranchise voters and change the election results

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