resolved Jan 13

The video must have the name "content cop" in the title or have idubbbz directly call the video a content cop to qualify.

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@O Can you please resolve?

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Does this count for "idubbbz directly call the video a content cop"?


This was 1 month before the "I miss the old idubbbz" video released, and he refers to a future video as a content cop which most likely refers to that video.

On the other hand, he may have been planning a content cop style video on himself then changed his mind and went with the more traditional apology video that released, not following the format of his previous content cops, and not explicitly having content cop in the title.

Sorry to ping you @SirSalty, but since you will most likely be determining the resolution of this, I want to know what you think before betting.

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@TobyBW The video itself must be directly referred to as a content cop. This is too ambiguous as he could be talking about the video on FroggyFresh, but since neither were directly called a content cop it'll resolve as N/A if nothing further is released.

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It seems most likely that he will not make any more content cops. How does this resolve? I don't recommend suspending closing and resolution indefinitely.

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@SirSalty perhaps you could help since the creator is inactive.

@TobyBW Will wait to the closing date and then resolve it NO if the criteria aren't met.

Why would this be likely? There are plenty of bad YouTubers for him to cover

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