When will Tom Scott publish his next YouTube video?
Before 1st July 2024
Before 1st January 2025
Before 1st January 2026

Tom Scott has published his long-promised goodbye for now video, but he’s made it clear he’ll probably be back at some point. So the question is, when will the next Tom Scott video be published to YouTube?

To clarify, this does not include any of his other projects (Lateral, Technical Difficulties, etc.) or any collaboration with another YouTuber. I am looking specifically for a video which meets the following criteria:

1) Published on https://youtube.com/@TomScottGo

2) Educational or informative in nature

3) Featuring Tom Scott

4) Original content (i.e. no re-uploads, remasters or content from elsewhere)

Date will be taken as the day it was made publicly available on YouTube, not upload date as this may be well in advance. If the whole-year options go past without resolution then more will be added. If no video is published by market close then the Never option will resolve YES and all other options will resolve NO.

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Before 12th February 2024
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This should resolve No?

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