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Racial demographics of Class of 2028 will not be released publicly
< 15%
15% - 19.99%
20% - 24.99%
25% - 26.99%
27% - 28.99%
29% - 30.99%
31% - 34%
> 34%

How much will the SFFA decision impact the racial diversity of 2028 Harvard admits? This question is defined in terms of the cumulative percentage of Harvard 2028 admits identifying as African-American/Black, Latinx, Native American, or Native Hawaiian.

For the class of 2027, these groups cumulatively comprised 29.3% of Harvard's admitted class.


This question will resolve when Harvard releases data on the racial composition of its Class of 2028 admitted students.

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@NoahKopf What's your thoughts on re-resolution in the future? Given enough time, this data will probably come out; would you change the resolution at that point, or leave it as "not released publicly" if the release isn't by today?

@BenjaminCosman I agree that the data will probably come out eventually. But given that it's uncertain when that will occur, I will resolve to "will not be released publicly" at EOD tomorrow

@NoahKopf Sure; my question is not about the initial resolution but about whether you would support changing the resolution later or not - e.g. if you resolve to "will not be released publicly" tomorrow, and then 1 day later it's released publicly? I've seen a few such changed resolutions lately, and your stance on that drastically affects what the appropriate percentage is here. Given that the end date has been a bit fuzzy, I'm also worried that if you don't have a stance on record then a mod might re-resolve it later. So what's your stance?

@BenjaminCosman Given the small size of this market, I am just going to resolve it and not revisit it.

When is news of this expected to be released (if at all ofc)?

Do you intentionally exclude Asians and Asian Americans from the diverse breakdown?

@NicoDelon Yes I do -- not on the basis of my personal ideas about which groups contribute to "diversity," but because these are the racial groups for which the SFFA decision is expected to (possibly) decrease their representation in future admit classes.

@NoahKopf Thanks for clarifying.

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