Will my Rabbit R1 be capable of resolving this question with less than 1 hour of training/prompting.
resolved May 1

When I receive my Rabbit R1 I will read the manual and play around with it. Then once I'm familiar with it I'll set a timer for 1 hour and begin training it to resolve questions. If the R1 resolves this YES it will resolve YES

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@traders I received my R1 today and I cannot find any way to resolve this market with it.

@NivlacM Apparently, they have support for four apps on release and ability to add other automation is "coming soon". Pretty scammy compared to what was promised in my opinion.

@NivlacM have you received any shipping updates?

@traders if I don't have teach mode or any way to get the R1 to resolve this question after I receive mine I will resolve this No.

The teach mode is still in development, and from the carefully controlled slides demo has some work to go.

@NivlacM how will you resolve this given the feature will be unavailable at launch?

"For those with a technical background, it's painfully clear that there's no artificial intelligence or large action model in sight. In reality, they're simply relying on several Playwright automation scripts to do the job for you, which is why they only support four apps: Spotify, Midjourney, Doordash, and UberEats."

(I have not dug in to confirm this for myself yet)

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Initial analysis: it looks like a dump of the home directory of one of the cloud services, not full source code (although it does contain some source code), but it should be illuminating nonetheless

Would be cool to get a detailed report on how this will(or won't) work, I'm really curious. Especially if you can do a video.

@ProjectVictory I will try but no promises

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@NivlacM Can you disclose which batch you are getting and if you are in North America?

@SIMOROBO 1st batch I believe. Yes in North America

From what's been actually shown the r1 barely has visual capabilities. I have huge doubts to its UI navigation skills.

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@SirMemealot not sure it'd need much visual processing to resolve the question. Navigating using HTML tags that it would learn from seeing other questions resolve would be simpler

What if your Rabbit R1 resolves this question as NO?

@bohaska if I ask the R1 to resolve this yes but it instead resolves no I'll let that stand