Will [my secret project] succeed, by my subjective estimate?
resolved Jan 9

Close friends have heard of some of it. It's not an antisocial/x-risk-increasing thing (in case you thought that was the reason for secrecy).

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⚠Creator became partially active by liking a resolution I had done, but still ignored pings to resolve the others.

📢Resolved to N/A per CG (resolution criteria are vague/personal).

@NicholasKross Please resolve. Thank you.

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Betting NO and hoping I'm wrong. Even when the base rate of an undertaking is low (which is why I bet NO), it still makes sense to try if the payout is big enough. Good luck, friend!

@wadimiusz Thank u!

I have ADHD and have never succeeded at anything as big-and-self-directed as [my secret project] before.