Will Marjorie Taylor Greene be Trump's running mate?

From Wikipedia:

Reportedly, Trump has "repeatedly" discussed the possibility of choosing United States Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene as his running mate.[8] Greene has claimed that she is in talks with Trump to become his running mate.[9]

Resolves NO if Trump announces a different running mate or drops out before announcing one. Resolves N/A if Trump dies without suspending his campaign.

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Can't have a running mate if you aren't the nominee. Trump does not have a chance. He isn't even entertaining anymore. He is boring and sad.

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N.C. Young
is predicting YES at 15%

@BTE You can though. Cruz did.

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is predicting NO at 15%

@NcyRocks That's right! Good point, I forgot about that desperate move.

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bought Ṁ10 of NO

(Moderately Talented Giraffe = MTG)

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