Will the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Fine a Second Company for Violating its Anti-Space Debris Rule?
Apr 4

The FCC have fined a company for violating its anti-space debris rule. In 2022, the FCC implemented a rule mandating satellite operators to dispose of satellites within five years after their missions. Dish, in 2002, launched a satellite agreeing to move it to a "graveyard orbit" post-mission in 2012 to prevent risks. However, in 2022, due to low propellant, the satellite was positioned only 76 miles above the active geostationary orbit, missing its target by 178 km.

This market resolves to “Yes” if before the close of the market, the FCC announce that they have issued a fine to at least one other company for violating its anti-space debris rule. It resolves to no otherwise.

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