Will the 80k podcast slow down Rob's speech to match his guest so that you can speed up both of their speech together?
resolved Jan 2

Can be an alternative version of the podcast. Market resolves end of 2023 or if a non-parody episode is produced in this form. If guests are sped up to match rob, this market resolves positively. If it hasn't happened by market close, market resolves no.

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@NathanpmYoung I'd sign a petition!

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LeoGrin of Nootroflix' Github

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It honestly really hurt my comprehension of the one episode I tried to listen: https://80000hours.org/podcast/episodes/michelle-hutchinson-giving-career-advice/
Michelle and Arden are perfectly understandable at 3x and too slow at slower speeds, Rob is barely understandable at 1.25x

Still don't think it will happen, as it seems hard to implement, but it's not as low value as I first assumed

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How would it resolve if this is implemented and then unimplemented due to listener uproar? :P

@Yolotomassi Positively.

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It probably should, right? Given how likely my initial optimism is to just have been seeing what would happen.

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I wonder if the price will drop after I sell my entire yes position?

@AlexL If you’re interested in market manipulation I have this great idea about mango markets …

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@NathanpmYoung Will it make me more than $100M?

@AlexL No.

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Is there a timeframe for this market to resolve no?

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@PeterHurford Nathan has a resolve date in the question, I was assuming it was by then

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If 80k instead speeds up guests to match Rob, how does this resolve?

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Is insider trading banned on Manifold?

@AlexL It's agressively encouraged.

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@NathanpmYoung You'd think people would be buying more of this market given where I work and the direction I moved it...

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@AlexL Wouldn't you have moved it to the fair price though? Why leave some remaining edge?

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@RobinFoster Available funds

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@AlexL Have you revisited this market in the meantime? Any new trades that you haven't made that might reflect new information on your side? 👀

@AlexL I'm quite disappointed this hasn't happened yet. My partner honestly has me change the episodes to ones where you have substitute interviewers (since ofc I'd never put it at 1x speed).

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