In a year, will I think it's good to carefully talk to journalists about things you know?
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My current stance

Current discussion:

  • Journalists have large platforms

  • They often have a story in mind, and are seeking to write it, regardless of whether it's important or not

  • It is good to be honest with people about what is going on

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I think by default, an interview with them should be considered an at least mildly adversarial encounter. Their job is to get clicks/views. Outrage is the most effective tool the media has found for this.

If you misspeak or misunderstand a question (and therefore say something stupid), it is in their better interest to print it. If you have an outrage inducing view, it's in their better interest to print it (out of context).

Journalists serve a quite important role in this world, but their incentives are often significantly misaligned with your goals.

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What is your current general stance, in a single sentence?

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