How could I improve my manifund application? "Community Epistemic Tools" (Rewards for good answers)
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Suggestions to consider:
* reduce minimum funding + goal and increase deadline. $50k+ this month seems optimistic
* link something other than Estimaker's homepage that redirects to login. I'm hesitant to login and share my information with an unknown app I've never seen
* link source code where it says open source, can't easily find it
* remove summary, testimonials, duplicate funding section, past/future projects (doubtful, wikis, debates)
* dropping podcasts from the proposal since that'd be 3 forecasting podcasts around Manifold. Podcasts don't seem information-dense and don't seem to get many views:

I don't have much to say (the application looks good to me), but this looks very cool! I quite like the observation that a big challenge is that we don't have good enough tools and easy enough processes to aid decision making.