Will I hit my exercise goals in April?
resolved Apr 30
Resolved as

So I resolved it 50% because I hit my personal exercise goal, but I split it up differently from the description here. If it's controversial, I'm happy to have it resolve No. Basically I went on longer runs on 16 days instead of 17, which hit the amount of time I was going for (and I finished the muscle exercise goals).

My goal is to run on 17 days per month and do muscle exercises on 9 days per month. I can do both on the same day if I want.

I'm doing this to encourage myself to exercise consistently. I won't bet in this, and I'll be honest about whether I exercise.

A run is usually 30 minutes, but I'll count it at 25+ minutes. I can slow down, I don't have to be running the whole time. I'm also counting things like running in place inside if it's raining or something.

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