Jul 17
Halftime show nominated for any Emmy awards

Will make every effort to resolve each item based on available information from viewing the show, bookmakers, Wikipedia, and other sources. If there is no credible source, will resolve N/A. Some items will take longer to resolve than others.

πŸ“ Notes:

Usher does an aerial stunt - anything that may require a safety harness, for example a suspended stage will count

Football used as a physical prop during show - must be the ball, a drone light show in the shape of a football will not count

Fans on-field during performance - a group of fans comes onto field to watch performance as opposed to only viewing from the stands

5 or more Usher albums in the top 50 on the US Billboard 200 chart - in the week after the show

Usher uses handheld mic at any point of the performance - if it is in a mic-stand or similar device, it will not count as him using a handheld mic, must be out of the stand and in his hands

Apple Vision Pro promo at any point of the performance - not really sure what to expect here, but if at any point of the show the product is worn, shown or there is an on-screen graphic for it

Over 8.5 total songs played - resolves based on Wikipedia entry for the halftime show, each song listed counts, line items and songs mixed in

Usher debuts a new song - based on this list for lead artist singles ( latest entries for 2024 are Ruin and Kissing Strangers

Usher wears an all black outfit at any point of the performance - shirt, pants, shoes

Under 20.5 total backup dancers - for the entire show. this might resolve later after replay is available

Usher or backup dancer falls roller-skating - a trip up does not count, needs to actually have knees, or butt, or hands, etc. on the floor/ground

Usher encourages people to sing along - pointing microphone out to crowd or saying sing-a-long y'all will count

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@10thOfficial looks like NO. For one, TMZ reports only a "handful" of the FCC complaints were about the half time show, while "hundreds" were about the Israel ad:

Secondly, in the actual PDF itself, I haven't looked through every page but ChatGPT tells me there are only 6 complaints relating Usher's performance, and my simple text search for certain terms verified this. In any case, theres nowhere near 100:

Last year there were a bunch of articles about the number of FCC complaints about Rihanna. I'm assuming the number this year is not newsworthy enough. I'm going to submit my first ever Freedom of Information Act Request for this information from the FCC. Wish me luck. πŸ˜‚

@NFL Updates?

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The rules require there is less than 20.5 for the entire show, meaning that even one instance of there being more than 20.5 is sufficient to resolve NO. There are many times when there are more than 20.5 backup dancers, but here is one where atleast more than 20.5 are on screen. So, this should resolve NO.

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I counted zero times Usher shouted out β€œVegas.”

Usher sings a cover song
bought αΉ€200 Usher sings a cover ... NO

There was no cover song he sang since every song was either one he'd released or that he was featured on.

NFL UnofficialboughtαΉ€20,000Answer #ea3e58af3e95 YES

I'm out for the night, the rest will resolve tomorrow. A few will resolve in the week after, and the Emmy one resolves when nominations are announced this Summer. 🎀

Tiesto pulled out of djing the game due to family emergency. Close call!

Usher debuts a new song

With his new album coming out on the 9th he might be contractually obligated to debut a new song. Either that or he will definitely sing Good Good.

bought αΉ€43 Usher debuts a new song YES

@EarlKelly what qualifies as a 'new' song with his album coming out today? Does a song from that album no longer count as 'new' since it's being released today?

Usher wearing sunglasses at any point of the performance
Somebody To Love Remix GIF by Justin Bieber

@EarlKelly If it is only so easy!

How is this at 23%? Is that a typical halftime performance occurrence?

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