[Planecrash] Jvyy Xrygunz nccrne va "gur jbzna bs vebev"?
Jan 1, 2023
M$803 bet
Will Keltham appear in "the woman of irori"? Specifically, will his character https://glowfic.com/characters/11729 be used for at least one tag that, in my judgement, is the real Keltham and not an impostor. Jun 21, 4:43pm: Carissa's model of Keltham doesn't count. If Keltham writes a letter in reply to Carissa and the tag uses his character, that would count. Jun 21, 7:44pm: Keltham's Sending to Carissa counts if it's the real Keltham. Waiting for more unambiguous evidence to that effect.