Will Donald Trump Sue over biopic at Cannes? 🎥
Jul 2

According to the story on May 21st 2024:


Trump Biopic 'The Apprentice' Premieres at Cannes Amid Controversy, Lawsuit Plans Over Ivana Rape Scene


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The biopic 'The Apprentice,' directed by Ali Abbasi, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, depicting the early years of Donald Trump. The film features Sebastian Stan as a young Trump and Jeremy Strong as his lawyer, Roy Cohn. While the movie has received mixed reviews, with some critics praising the performances and others calling it 'solid rather than spectacular,' it has sparked significant controversy. The Trump campaign has announced plans to sue the filmmakers over a scene that portrays Trump raping his wife Ivana. The film received an 11-minute ovation at Cannes, despite the backlash. Abbasi has dismissed Trump's threats of legal action, maintaining that the film allows viewers to feel 'sympathy' for Trump. The Trump campaign has labeled the film 'malicious defamation' and 'pure fiction.'


The market will resolve "Yes" if Trump or someone associated with his organization files a defamation lawsuit or similar, in a relevant court (probably in Europe), for a substantial amount.

OR the market will resolve "Yes" if the film is publicly withdrawn with apology or a note about a lawsuit, or settlement with the Trump organization.

The market will resolve "No" if time expires and there is no substantial legal action. For example the film being out in Europe but not in US does not count.

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Thanks, good link. A cease and desist letter does not constitute legal action. Although we'll see if the film makers respond or pull the film...

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As ‘The Apprentice’ Seeks Cannes Sale, Trump Team Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Block Film’s Release (EXCLUSIVE)

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