Will any more executives after Ilya Sutskever and Jan Leike leave OpenAI before Sept 1st 2024?
Jul 1

After Ilya Sutskever and Jan Leike left the company on the week of May 13th, there are no rumoured major departures (like Ilya's was for a long time).

The market will resolve "Yes" if any of these people announce their departure from the company.

  • any C-suite executive

  • any co-founder who has not already departed before Ilya

  • any board member (as of May 18th)

  • any "head of X" type person

  • general counsel

Transitioning into a non-active role such as advisor also counts as a departure, but a "disappearance" or sabbatical such as Ilya's does not, until it is announced as a departure.

Departures of VP's, managers and engineers does not count.

Such a departure will be clear and public, announced by the person, the company, or Sam Altman.

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Market re-opened. Sorry about that.

Any of these would qualify as an executive leaving. As described in the original rules... "lead of X" is not an executive. But "head of X" would be. The difference between executive and a manager...

  • any C-suite executive

  • any co-founder who has not already departed before Ilya

  • any board member (as of May 18th)

  • any "head of X" type person

  • general counsel

Hmm. Not sure I can un-resolve this... I do kind of agree that this is unclear.

I should have frozen the market instead.

@Moscow25 I can unresolve it for you.

thanks @Joshua I would appreciate it

lesson for me -- just freeze next time...

It's unresolved now, but closed. Do you want to re-open it?

yes let's re-open it -- thanks

Congrats and thanks everyone. This was a fun market. Happy to have bet on "NO" and biggest loser myself. That's how you know it's fair...

Market resolved YES.

Daniel Levy left OpenAI to co-found SSI with Ilya and Daniel Gross.

Daniel listed himself as "head of optimization" at OpenAI so this counts as a "head of" person.



I'm going to push back against this resolution and say that "I lead the Optimization team" should not count as executive level. To me, that indicates a normal manager who oversees a single team. I think most people would not consider all managers to be executives. I also think "leading team X" is different from "head of X", where to me the latter connotes a larger group than a single team. Of course different companies organize themselves in different ways though.

yeah that's a good point. I should freeze the market and un-resolve it

Thanks for being receptive to feedback!

bought Ṁ500 YES

Daniel Levy just left to cofound SSI with Ilya. His bio said “I currently lead the Optimization team at OpenAI.”

Thanks! Good pointer. Just saw SSI news. I should have frozen the market and checked who was involved. Much appreciated.

OpenAI keeps hiring more Execs and adding more board members. At some point… gotta let someone go too?


No reports of any executives leaving yet. But OpenAI did hire two new executives today. Described as a "shake up"

Including their first ever CFO.


No updates or rumours of OpenAI execs leaving. See all OpenAI news here on DeepNewz

They announced some GPT-4o follow ups, include more free features for folks not paying $20/month

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