How much will "Inside Out 2" gross at the box office? Biggest movie of all time?
Under $1B globally
Between $1B and $1.5B globally (on par with Barbie, Frozen)
Between $1.51 and $2.0B globally (#7-10 rank of all time)
Between $2.01 and $2.6B globally (#3-#6 rank of all time)
Between $2.61 and $3B globally (top 3 all time)
Over $3.01B globally (best ever, ahead of Avatar)

As of June 24th 2024, "Inside Out 2" as grossed over $700M and is the biggest movie of 2024 -- all in its first two weeks.

Pixar's 'Inside Out 2' has become the highest-grossing film of 2024, surpassing 'Dune: Part Two'. In just two weeks, the film has grossed $724 million globally, with $355 million from North America and $285.7 million domestically. The sequel earned $100 million in its second weekend, setting a new record for an animated movie in its follow-up frame, making it the biggest second weekend for an animated film. It is also on track to be the first 2024 release to earn $1 billion at the worldwide box office. 'Inside Out 2' has outgrossed 'Kung Fu Panda 4' and is now the third highest-grossing film of 2024 globally. This achievement marks the 7th best second weekend ever.

Pixar's animated film is "on pace" to gross over $1B, but how high will this number get -- before the end of 2024?

The highest grossing movie of all time is Avatar -- at $2.9B. And more recent movies to gross over $1B include Barbie and Supermario Brothers in 2023, as well as Top Gun Maverick in 2022.

By comparison, Frozen "only" grossed $1.28B in 2013. So it seems that box office receipts have gone up since Covid -- be that inflation or a robust international market...

Let's see where "Inside Out 2" shakes out. With its even split between North America and International from the first two weeks, it could be a contender.

The market will be adjudicated according to official press releases, as box office numbers are widely reported.

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Inside Out 2 — fastest cartoon to ever hit $1B

But Despicable Me 4 came in and stole the July 4th box office

Consider a very similar comp! Finding Dory -- sequel to Finding Nemo...

This Pixar movie was released the same weekend in June, timed to get a second wind over July 4th weekend...

It stayed #1 for four weeks -- concluding with the July 4th weekend. After which it trailed off gracefully, losing 30-50% of receipts per week.

It ended up grossing just over $1B all time... with early numbers that look just like our film but 50% smaller. And a similar early weekly decline.

So on the surface of it... I'd be looking at our movie as a $2B film. Call it inflation?

FWIW I have seen none of these movies. I'm they are great.

UK is shrinking more slowly... and it's still been #1 for three weekends, in all major markets.

If I had to project it
the movie is out in all major markets around the same time

it's still #1 in every major market
the non-US markets are shrinking more slowly that the US

Knowing nothing -- other than it's an animated movie, and clearly well-positioned for the international market... I would expect that the current weekly shrinking rate will be similar but a bit less internationally than the US.

But we will see!

What happens when the film is no longer number one?

That said Mexico has also been out for three weeks and the rate of decline is exactly the same as US...

Domestically (US gross) the movie has been out for two full weeks...

It was #1 both weeks. Week two fell from $255M down to $156M but pretty good 2/3 carry from opening weekend.

Those who remember their pre-calculus can project what area under the curve looks like for a sequence that's shrinking by 1/3 every week...

But it looks like somewhere between 1.5x to 2.0x from here on out on domestic receipts would be a reasonable projection -- based on this time series alone.

The three weekend series shows a slightly bigger drop

The bigger question is international. The movie is still in week one in some markets.

bought Ṁ500 Under $1B globally NO

We are now over $1B grossed.

#51 all time, ahead of The Dark Knight, Oppenheimer and The Lion King

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