Will I run at least 300 miles in 2024?
resolved Jun 12

Resolves YES if I run at least 300 miles by December 31, 2024. Resolves NO otherwise. I track my mileage with a Garmin Watch. Starting in 2024, I will attempt to periodically update this question with year-to-date numbers so bettors can adjust their predictions; if I get around to it, I may try to automate the process.

2024 progress so far (miles):

January: 38.0

February: 26.2

March: 54.0

April: 81.4

May: 86.9

June: 19.4 (as of 06/12)

Total YTD: 306 miles

My running history for the past 5 years (miles):

2023: 206

2022: 20

2021: 56

2020: 256

2019: 152

Rules I'll abide by:

  • My goal for this is motivation, so I will not bet against myself.

  • Likewise, I will not sell any YES shares I've acquired, even if I get to a point where I no longer feel I'm capable of completing the goal.

  • Failing due to injury or illness will still result in a resolution of NO.

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