Does the Catholic Pope truly believe that God exists?

Resolves N/A at market expiration (end of 2026) or upon the Pope's death.

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I don't know all the intricasies around here yet; is there a eeason this is a market and not a poll?

Does @MiloSal truly believe, he can objectively resolve the market "Does the Catholic Pope truly believe that God exists?"?

@redcat see new desc

@MiloSal maybe you should cancel this market and do a poll? If I understand correctly this market will just resolve N/A?

by the catholic pope you mean a random catholic pope or Francis?

bought Ṁ10 NO

No way, getting to the top requires too much contact with the real world

@lukres A curiosity: What percent of Cardinals would you say truly believe in God?

@MiloSal Close to zero. Having an internal reward system skewed toward after life makes for a poor politician.

Take the Polish cardinal Wojtyla - if he hadn’t covered up child abuse (it is virtually certain he did) he would not have risen to become a pope. But he knew how to play the game.

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