Will I read the Sequences in 2023?
resolved Dec 30

This market is about The Sequences by @EliezerYudkowsky.

It has been suggested in the EA forum. It seems I need to read ~1 sequence per day:


Potentially interesting information for traders:

  • I'm heavily into rationality.

  • I've read all there is of Planecrash in 2022 which is longer than the sequences (I think).

  • I might post updates on my progress.

I will not bet "NO" or sell any of my "YES" position in this market.

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Ugh, I got stuck for a few days on "A Technical Explanation of Technical Explanation". Nearly 17k words, I hope there are not (many) more of those.

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@Milli How's it coming along?

Rationality from a-z on audible is how I did it.

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At https://www.readthesequences.com/On-Expressing-Your-Concerns now.

ChatGPT claims that's 133/333 which would put me behind track.

"On Expressing Your Concerns" is the 61st post in the Mysterious Answers to Mysterious Questions sequence and the 133rd post in the complete sequence order (using the sequence order from https://www.readthesequences.com/). This means you would have read 133 posts if you were following them in order.

So, if we subtract the 133 posts you've read from the total count of 333, we get an approximate number of remaining posts: 333 - 133 = 200. Thus, there are approximately 200 more posts left for you to read in the sequences as of September 2021. Please keep in mind this is an approximation as the actual count may differ slightly based on the version of the sequences you are reading.

@Milli Very much a risk ChatGPT can't answer that accurately, so I'll double check before betting.

Where are you at now?

@Milli Behind but only slightly. 58% of the way through the sequences and 63% of the way through the year. I'm not going to bet against you, good luck!

@Milli still making good progress?

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Finally, found the overview. It's 234/333, so I guess I'll try reading 2/day from now on.

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@Milli I wish you luck (and maybe a weekend where you binge them :P)

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I'm at https://www.readthesequences.com/Policy-Debates-Should-Not-Appear-One-Sided. I feel I've missed more days than I've read "extra" articles. I might be a bit behind.