Will Aella be romantically involved with Lex Fridman by the end of 2024?
Dec 31

If Aella and Lex become romantically involved for any length of time before the end of 2024, this market resolves YES, even if they later stop being involved.

For the purposes of this market, "romantic involvement" constitutes voluntary physical intimacy (sex, kissing, hand-holding, etc.) along with mutual expressions of love or romantic emotions. It does not include platonic friendship or anything that only occurred because someone paid for it or because one of them wants to manipulate this market

I reserve the right to resolve this market to N/A if Lex or Aella asks me to, out of respect for their privacy

If no clear evidence for YES has energed by the end of 2024, I'll leave this market open for a few weeks afterwards just in case it took a while to become public. If nothing has come to light by then, this will resolve NO.

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