Will Reddit IPO by end of March 2024?
resolved Mar 21

According to Crunch base, Reddit has filed plans to IPO in March 2024. This question resolves yes if Reddit's IPO goes through and shares are available for trading in the public market.


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Reddit’s public market debut on Thursday, under ticker symbol “RDDT"
Reddit prices IPO at $34 per share in first major social media offering since 2019

@SirCryptomind is it available to the public for trading?

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@MikeChenSF It is now

Where are all these trades coming from?

Haven’t really thought this out, but you know how folks used Reddit chat to affect real markets for GameStop. Could users on manifolds affect whether or not Reddit actually IPOs based on what we say the probability is?

@ByrneHobart what does this mean about timing?

Approximate date of commencement of proposed sale to the public: As soon as practicable after the effective date of this Registration Statement.

@MikeChenSF It's usually a few weeks, e.g. TBBB filed on 1/18 and priced on 2/9. (F-1 not S-1 because they're a foreign issuer, but they're the closest to Reddit's size among recent IPOs.)

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@houstonEuler ok looks like i was an idiot

@bohaska It's happened to me before too, which is why I guess I check dates more diligently now.

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