Will Jacob deGrom pitch in 2024?
Nov 4

Will Jacob deGrom pitch in a major league baseball game in 2024? Regular season or postseason counts.

He just needs to throw one pitch and does not need to start the game. If the game is called off for any reason after deGrom has thrown a pitch, but before 5 innings, the question will resolve YES.

The question will close and resolve YES if deGrom throws a pitch. The question will close and resolve NO if deGrom has not pitched and his team is eliminated from the playoffs.

The question is scheduled to close at midnight ET the day after Game 7 of the world series. If deGrom's team is in the World Series, and Game 7 is rescheduled or delayed for any reason, the close date will be extended accordingly.



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The Texas Rangers officially placed right-hander Jacob deGrom (elbow) on the 60-day injured list on Friday to make room for right-hander Michael Lorenzen on the active roster. deGrom, who is recovering from surgery on his right UCL, started playing catch on Feb. 12 and resumed again on the first official day of spring workouts on Feb. 14, just under eight months after the surgery to fix his torn right UCL ended his 2023 season. It was the second Tommy John surgery for the 35-year-old veteran. General manager Chris Young said that deGrom is progressing well in his rehab with an eye on returning around August.