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closes Dec 31, 2023
Will I appear on the author list of an article published in a scientific journal before 2024?

I am doing research on biosecurity and UVC air disinfection, which I will try to publish. I have never authored any scientific publication before.

I don't need to be the first author for this to resolve positively. Any position on the author list counts. It also doesn't matter what kind of article it is. The date for this to resolve YES is the article's publication date. Otherwise, the date for this to resolve NO is on the 1st of January 2024.

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Srđan Pandurević
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People are very negative here, I'm sure you'll be able to do it without much trouble, if you apply yourself and don't piss off your superiors :D

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Are you affiliated with people who have published in journals before? For example: are you at a university? Are you working with people who are? Is there a lab you're working with? Or are you doing this work alone?

If you want to see your work published, it will help you tremendously to have contacts "in the system" who know how these things work.

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@Boklam Nevermind, I just found your website and CV. I see you're a medical student.

I might be misunderstanding, but it still sounds like you are trying to do this without much support...

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@Boklam It is mostly independent work, but I am in touch with people who can give me mentorship and are knowledgeable about the publication process.

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I'm sure you'll do great research, but the review process delays are an important factor... also I'd like to you to prove me wrong so you should place some yes bets as an extra incentive!

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@finnhambly Fair points. I think my own best guess is something like 20-30% right now. So I will wait until the market drops lower and then buy YES bets.

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