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closes Feb 17, 2023
Will Dwarf Fortress sell >250k units in the first two months?

Dwarf Fortress goes on sale on steam on December 6th. The price is currently unconfirmed.

Going to resolve this based on follow-up to Tanya's tweet.

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I will resolve this early if there is strong evidence that it passes 250k sales

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Andrew Hartman
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Just from the diehards buying it day one it should be comfortably trending, plus it's got the kind of word-of-mouth and gamer legend that even some major studios can only look at with envy. It is fairly niche, but I'd expect its launch to be roughly equal to Rimworld's and I think they went well over this mark. I suppose the price point is a possible source of failure . . .

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Seems low!

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@ManifoldDream good job bot