Will (Disney's) Reedy Creek Improvement District in Florida actually be dissolved on or by June 1st 2023?
Jun 1, 2023
M$182 bet
This question resolves to YES if Florida's state government dissolves the Reedy Creek Improvement District on June 1st 2023, as outlined in SB 4C signed by Governor DeSantis. I will also resolve YES if an entity called the Reedy Creek Improvement District persists, but with Disney's control over it and special privileges removed. I will resolves NO if legal challenges delay the dissolution beyond the June 1st date called for in the law, or if SB 4C is significantly amended (such that Disney does not actually lose control of the governing board of the district) or repealed.
Tell me if DeSantis' mad gambit will succeed, or if the Mouse will keep his House.