Will I be able to walk all the way to the hospital once I go into labor?
Jun 4

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You've got this!

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Any extenuating circumstances? And what # kid is this for you? Unless this is your third (or more) kid (as subsequent deliveries can go a lot faster) this should go to 90% IMHO

@JamesBakerc884 first baby! No extenuating circumstances, alhamdulillah.

How far away from the hospital do you live? How used to physical discomfort and pain are you?

@Santiago Normally a 15-20 minute walk in a residential area to get to the hospital

@Mary what time of the year is your due date, and what's the weather usually like then where you are?

@ArmandodiMatteo Due end of May/ early June, average temperature around 85 F. “On average, there is a 33% chance of more than 0.04 inches of total precipitation [on June 1st]…For reference, the year's highest daily chance of precipitation is 35% on May 26, and its lowest chance is 14% on December 31,” according to WeatherSpark dot com.

@Mary so, non-trivial chance of it being too warm for you to want to walk that far (though how bearable 85 °F is depends a lot on the humidity)