Total value of crypto stolen/scammed throughout 2024 as tracked by Molly White/W3IGG
Dec 27
Less than $5 billion
$5 billion - $10 billion
$10 billion - $20 billion
$20 billion or more

The grift counter at tracks the rough USD equivalent of value lost to major crypto scams/hacks/fraud. As of Dec 15th 2024, it is at USD 71.676 billion. With USD 8.3 billion tracked in 2021, USD 53.8 billion tracked in 2022 (40 billion of those attributed to the Terra/Luna collapse) and 9.4 billion tracked in 2023 up to Dec 15th.

The question resolves based on the total sum recorded at the leaderboard at for the year of 2024. The close date is delibrately slightly befor EOY to avoid the least interesting sniping.

If the website ceases to be regularly updated, any options fully below the tracked value will be resolved as NO and the rest as NA.

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