AI will never score above 50th percentile on any standardized test (sat, lsat, gre, mcat etc)
Jan 1

Note that it can already pass iq tests but it can't pass any verbal tests.

Test has to be run without internet access so it's not just Indians posing as robots. So noas reply fails.

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Literally just hook up speech-to-text like Whisper or Conformer-1 and feed it into GPT-4 API.

The market name literally says "never." So how can this possibly resolve YES?

@ShadowyZephyr I'm impressed literally none of you can read. Manifold truly is a retard board

I'm confused. In what scenatio can this market resolve YES?

@Karsh when jews release the android app and it works without internet

predicts NO

The GPT-4 technical report already has GPT-4 scoring at 88th percentile on LSAT.

It would be extremely surprising to me if this was faked with a human.

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@RjieRieisi How many alts u got