Will Vkandis attempt to kill Iomedae in To Reach For The Shining Sun
resolved Dec 25

Market will resolve if Vkandis is confirmed to be behind an attempt on Iomedae's life, Vkandis dies before any suspiciously god-shaped attempt on her life is made (without an obvious other perpetrator) or the thread is marked "complete" or "abandoned" without Vkandis and Iomedae getting in a fight to the death.

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@traders I'm reopening until we know the answer. Please post reasoning and citations in the comments so I can resolve as mod; it appears the creator is inactive. Or let me know if it needs to be extended further.

If no comments by the new close time, I expect I will resolve N/A.

@EvanDaniel One of the authors is sitting in my living room and she says Vkandis doesn't do anything in TRFTSS.

@Alicorn Thank you! Sounds like a clear No to me!

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@EvanDaniel But also I know the creator and can probably raise her on Discord if that's preferable?

@Alicorn If you think she'd appreciate that, go for it; if you think she'd rather not be bothered I can resolve based on this. I don't have a strong opinion, but I like to make sure creators have power over their markets when they want it.

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@EvanDaniel Pinged her.

@MargaretHouston Did it happen? Can this resolve?

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While it hasn't been confirmed to be Vkandis, does this tag:


count as 'a suspiciously god-shaped attempt on her life'? Highlights:

'time delays on exchanging messages, through still-disorganized communication channels during wartime, is exactly the sort of thing that gods can nudge'

'He...probably would actually have tried stalling and exchanging more letters, if he'd seen this one in time'

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@AndrewHyer yes, it does count as such