Will Joe Biden have an in-person interview/conversation on camera for 45+ minutes, before the end of July 2024?
Aug 1

The most recent qualifying interview was Biden's appearance on The Howard Stern Show in April, when Biden answered questions for ~70 minutes.

If Biden appears in another such in-person interview for at least 45 minutes, this market resolves YES. If no qualifying interview is released before market close at the end of July, this market resolves NO.

This market does not include press conferences, speeches, rallies, fundraisers, town halls, etc. It can include appearances on a podcast or late night show, or an interview edited into a show like 60 minutes. However, there must be at least 45 minutes of new footage of Biden being interviewed in-person for such appearances to count. A 50 minute video might only feature 20 minutes of video of Biden being interviewed, and so would not count.

For context, Biden's interview with Stephanopoulos in July, his appearance on Jimmy Fallon in February, and his past appearances on 60 minutes have each had less than 30 minutes of video footage of Biden being interviewed.

You can find a list of Biden's interviews and their transcripts here.

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