Trump vs Biden Odds: Will Republicans lead in the Election Betting Odds party average on July 13th?
in 7 hours

Resolution Source:

This market resolves on the ElectionBettingOdds average of each party's odds to win the US Presidential Election in 2024. This is currently an average of Polymarket, Betfair, PredictIt, and Smarkets.

This market will close the night before July 13th, and then will be resolved based on the data displayed the day after.

If the Republican Party odds are above the Democratic Party odds for the entirety of July 13th (In Pacific Time), this market resolves YES. Otherwise, this market resolves NO.

Display errors, bugs, etc will be disregarded. However, updates to the average due to deliberate methodological changes and markets being added or removed from the average will still count for resolution.

If the entire page becomes indefinitely unavailable for some reason, the average for the resolution date will be manually calculated by Manifold.

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