Are there more than 10 university students active on Manifold?
resolved Sep 9

Will resolve yes if 10 users comment that they are students before close.

Please also comment where you are studying and area of focus and we will tip you 100 mana!

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1st Year Bachelors, Computer Science

Looks like the criteria has been filled and this will resolve to yes!

Lots of you who we've interacted with and hadn't realised you were students!

I will leave the market open for 12 more hours so it remains visible and give a final chance for students to see who haven't had the chance to comment yet!

@ManifoldMarkets Students who comment after the market resolves will still receive a M$100 tip


(that means I'm a PhD student at MIT studying EECS)

I'm an undergraduate taking Computer Forensics and Security

I’m an undergrad at McGill, doing Math and CS.

I’m an undergrad at McGill, doing Statistics and CS.

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@TheBayesian add your info for free mana quick

Currently 8/10
Maybe should have set it at a higher number 😅

I'm a student doing CS.

I'm a PhD student at the Australian National University (doing AI & philosophy stuff).

I'm a student at KIT, Germany doing a bachelor's degree in computer science.

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Am student.

@placebo_username This will count for resolution purposes, but if you want the tip be sure to include your area of focus (and if you are comfortable with it also include where you study!)

Undergrad at A&M studying aerospace engineering

We have around 400 weekly active users so 10 of those should definitely be university students.

But the odds were way too good and there's a chance people just don't see this or care to comment.

Undergrad at Cal Poly SLO studying economics

Does the university of Life count?

@MattP for the purpose of this market regrettably no.

I'm a PhD student studying computer science/natural-language processing at the University of Auckland.

I'm a grad student. Computer science with a focus in distributed systems

Can I ping people?




Come claim some mana!

(By searching for markets that reference "exam", "university", "school", etc)

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@citrinitas Thank you! Have a finders' fee from me :)

What's going on with those tags? They seem to be plaintext with a profile link afterwards rather than a normal tag like "@citrinitas", yet apparently Olivia got a notification anyway?

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@IsaacKing apparently adblock was preventing whatever mechanism searches for usernames when I type @

I used the profile links to try to fix that but apparently turning off adblock would have worked better

@citrinitas Alex is in med school indeed

@citrinitas I just fixed an @ mention issue that mayybe also fixes your issue. Do you still run into the same thing with adblock on?