Will Spain defeat the Netherlands in their quarter-finals match? Women’s World Cup 2023
resolved Aug 11

Resolves YES if Spain wins their quarter-final match and advances and NO if the Netherlands do. A draw is not possible. If the match does not occur for a reason other than forfeit the market resolves N/A.

Close date is set for after the game but the market may resolve as soon as final time. I may bet in this market.

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Julian Leespredicted NO

Enjoyed that rollercoaster!

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ItzNetworksold Ṁ148 of YES

dang knew something would happen with TWELVE MINUTES

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Universal FC ⚽predicted YES
Spain Eu GIF by Manne Nilsson
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Predictor 🔥predicted NO

@UniversalFC Whatever haha

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Universal FC ⚽bought Ṁ20 of YES

Wow! That was close!

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Julian Leespredicted NO

Beautiful sunny Wellington, who will be able to celebrate in it? Spain looking ominous but on Round of 16 form, 2 dominant teams couldn't score and went home (Nigeria and USA)

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Maggie Delano

I might not be up for all of this but if I’m not I will resolve in the morning EDT.

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Universal FC ⚽predicted YES

Tonight is the big night! Won't be up for Japan/Sweden or Australia/France so I'm excited to watch this one live.

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Universal FC ⚽