Will Adam Neumann buy WeWork out of bankruptcy?

Adam Neumann is trying to find money to buy the company he founded out of bankruptcy. This market resolves to NO by 2024 year end OR if WeWork emerges from bankruptcy. This market resolves to YES if he does just that.

I won't bet.

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What's happening?



Lawyers acting for Neumann sent a letter to WeWork on Monday saying he was “partnering” with Daniel Loeb’s hedge fund Third Point and had been trying to engage with the company since December to no avail. However, Third Point told the Financial Times it had held “only preliminary conversations with Flow [Neumann’s property company] and Adam Neumann about their ideas for WeWork, and has not made a commitment to participate in any transaction”.

If a company Adam Neumann is a part of buys WeWork, does that count?

@RobertCousineau Yes, of course

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