Which holiday will have higher cannabis sales in Oregon: 4/20 or 4th of July?
Aug 1
4/20 🌲81%


Historical trends show that Oregon marijuana sales peak in April and July, likely correlating with the unofficial holiday of 4/20 and the official holiday of July 4th respectively. Which holiday will drive the most sales?

Market Resolution

This is a prediction market. Market will close 31 July and will resolve in August when data is released.

Market will resolve 4/20 if Oregon marijuana total sales for April are higher than July sales. 

Market will resolve 7/4 if Oregon marijuana total sales for July are higher than April sales.

Market will resolve 50/50 if it's a tie.

Data Source: Oregon Liquor & Cannabis Commission Monthly Reports


I do not bet in markets I create. In the event that I am unable or unavailable to resolve the market, the market may be resolved by Manifold Mods. Any changes to the market description will be noted in the change log.

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