Will Kanye West's next album feature anti-semetic content?
resolved Apr 30

His upcomming album is rumored to have "controversial but not antisemetic", lyrics about Jewish people

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After listening to the album bidaily since release, it's clear to me that there were zero lines in bad-faith about semitism on the album. The "how could I be antisemitic,..." line almost plays with its own abrasiveness in that it does feel shocking to hear at first but then you realise its not out-of-line with how he refers to women in his other "turn up" style songs and you grow numb to it, which isn't a good thing but thats besides the point. This and the other line were merely referential to the controversies leading up to the album. But fr fr he's definitely antisemitic as a person

@Luca3f84 Why is this not resolved yet?

@Jakob looks like the creator has been inactive for ~2mo and didn't really close the loop on the discussion below about the resolution. I've pinged some other mods.

@Luca3f84 are you around?

This should resolve YES. Luca said it resolves by public sentiment. The album garnered controversy about its antisemitic lyrics twice. First, vultures with the line "How I'm antisemitic, I just fucked a Jewish bitch". Second, when he raps “And I’m still crazy, bipolar, antisemite / And I’m still the king.”. This was so controversial it caused the livestream to stop: https://www.google.com/amp/s/pagesix.com/2024/02/09/entertainment/kanye-wests-vultures-livestream-cut-after-antisemite-lyric/amp/

I don't know why some people here are trying to absolve Ye of antisemitism, but as a Jew, both lines are horribly offensive and I'm appalled that people are trying to defend them. The first is not just the shitty defense "I have a black friend", it literally shows disrespect to Jews in the same line. The second clearly implies that he is the king despite those characters. I mean, he literally calls himself antisemitic, wtf.

@Shump Kanye's definitely an anti-semite! But he is trying to resurrect his image and accordingly he left that content off this album. The first quote is not anti-semitic content - it is a denial of anti-semitism, albeit idiotic. With the second quote, there is debate whether Kanye is admitting or denying his anti-semitism (in the Genius entry for the song, it asserts that Kanye is quoting his critics who called him "crazy, bipolar, anti-semite," and rejecting those titles; frankly I disagree). But even if he -is- calling himself an anti-semite, this does not represent anti-semitic content. If I express that I am sexist at times - for example, due to our culture's internalized misogyny - that statement is not sexist.

I made the bet I did because I predicted that Kanye would lay low on this record, omitting the explicitly anti-semitic content that had such an impact on his career (even if he hasn't changed his views). I feel this prediction was borne out.

bought Ṁ10 NO from 81% to 79%

@gramophone this is exactly why i haven't resolved it yet. Im leaning closer to YES than NO, based on the "how could I be anti-semitic..." line but would like to hear what others think now that its out. On one hand he's using his actions in this line to illustrate why he isn't anti-semitic but we all know it had the opposite effect (and probably intentionally, too)

@Shump How are those lines anti-semitic? And the livestream stopped because of the Chicago curfew, not because of the song.

@Jakob the answers to all of your questions are in the original comment.

I just love it when the gentiles tell me what is and isn't antisemitic. Thanks, now we'll just be happy being Jewish bitches.

@Shump I mean the line is pretty offensive, but nothing about it is applying any negative prejudice to a whole race/culture (and thats the definition of anti-semitism). It is meant to be a deliberate provocation („I have a black friend so how am I racist“) and a boastful stylistic element typical of rap. Let’s also not forget Kanye publicly apologized for his anti-semitic remarks before the album dropped.

At most I see that line being misogynistic („bitch“) but then again that word has a whole different meaning for the current young urban generation.

@Luca3f84 I think him denying anti-semitism with that line coupled with the fact that he publicly apologized to the jewish community for his past hateful remarks as part of the album rollout makes this a No

@Luca3f84 Also the public reception for this Album has been really well so far, which I dont think would be the case if the Album were to contain anti-semitic remarks. Its the first Kanye Album in 13 years to spend multiple weeks at #1 on Billboard 200. On Apple Music it went #1 in 109 countries (including Israel), which is unprecedented for a collab Album (broke the previous record of 108 countries set by „Her Loss“)

Its leading single „Carnival“ passed 100 Million streams on Spotify today, making it the fastest Rap song of the decade to hit that milestone. Also projected to challenge Texas Hold Em for the #1 spot on Billboard Top 100 next week. Hitting that would be the first #1 single for Kanye in 17 years.

@Luca Resolves?

What if he literally calls himself an antisemite are you counting that as antisemitic content?

@GabeGarboden He is clearly using that to claim he's ~not~ an anti-semite... There is no explicitly anti-semitic content on the album.

@shankypanky in the most anti-semitic way he could

predicted YES

Ye’s New Album ‘Vultures’ Criticized for Antisemitic Lyrics and Art


most lyrics out on genius.com.... i don't see anything negative really for this market to resolve YES

As in "content opposed to the branch of languages of the Africasiatic family"? Unlikely, methinks.

How will this be arbitrated? Would a negative sentiment tweet from Jonathan Greenblatt count? A negative sentiment article from the ADL?

predicted NO

@JohnChee great question -- public sentiment

@stony Vultures (a single off of the upcoming album of the same name) is already out and it's looking edgy: "How I'm anti-Semitic? I just fucked a Jewish bitch"

That's the equivalent of the "I can't be racist, I have X friends" argument 😂

@Bobdabiuld That's horribly anti-semitic, and I'm saying that as a Jew who is not very sensitive to this stuff. Like, what the actual fuck. It's beyond that argument. "Fucking a bitch" is not the same as being friends with someone. I know rapper language is usually coarse like that, but that really reads to me like he sees her as some object.

predicted YES

@Shump Yes please keep saying that, I voted for the YES position

predicted NO

@Bobdabiuld Is it really ~racist~ to say "i'm not racist, i have [minority group] friends"? Or is it merely... false?