Which of Lorxus's 5(?) upcoming interviews will they make it through?
resolved Feb 15
The second one (preparedness/safety mindset)
The first one (behavioral)
The zeroth one (2/14, with hiring manager, resolves N/A if we go right into the first one)
The third one (preparedness/safety mindset)
The fourth one (project design/cross-functional operation)
The sixth one? (placeholder, will resolve N/A if no sixth)
The fifth one (data analysis and experimental design)
All of them (and Lorxus gets hired; resolves independently)

Semiprivate market. I'm not going to disclose what company for information hygiene reasons and also pride. The possible job has informed me that the next step after talking to their hiring manager is to go through their loop of 5(ish?) interviews.

Each choice resolves after its corresponding interview to whether or not I think that by obvious objective metrics, I did well and "got a good grade on" the interview. These interviews will not necessarily resolve in order - I was not told what exact order I'd have "the interview loop" in. I will go by obvious good-faith rules here - "the third one" will be the interview of that form after "the second one", for instance.

Resolves after the fact (or when I get an email) to YES if I am told that I'm moving on to the next round (if there is one) and NO if I am told that I've been removed from consideration. Resolves in the obvious good-faith way on extreme edge cases, eg, NO if the interview is purely to tell me I've been removed from consideration, or YES if I'm offered a job on the spot, whether or not I take it.

If I need to add more interview markets I will.

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Just now got an email; they're moving on with other candidates.

@Lorxus sad to hear that. Do you still have any reservations about sharing what company it was?

@ScipioFabius @Nikos Given that they've told me they're passing the application around internally and will get back to me if there's a need for me anywhere else, I'm at least going to wait until a little time has passed. If you're still curious in a couple months, DM me.

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Just finished what turned out to be "the second interview" in my list. I think I did OK. "The second interview" resolves to YES and "the zeroth interview" is going to stay up for the moment until I get confirmation that that's not happening at all.

bought Ṁ5 The sixth one? (plac... YES

Good luck with the interviews! I hope you do well.

If it doesn’t give too much away can you tell us the role/title of the position? Are we talking SWE?

@Nikos it's a technical program manager position, but if I'm not hired for that I'll fail forward into their other open positions.


Place your bets! Genuinely please do that; this outcome is important to me!