Will I decide to go no contact with any "core" family member by EoY?
resolved Jan 8

I'm being intentionally vague on who counts as core, but if you think n~4 you have the right idea

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📢Resolved to N/A per CG (resolution criteria are vague/personal).

@LivInTheLookingGlass Can you please resolve?

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@LivInTheLookingGlass i’m gonna bet no and hope for the best!

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That's a lot of market movement - any update?

I will add an anecdote that my partner went no contact with her bio-father and stepmother around 5 years ago and states she is happier for it.

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@RobertCousineau not a lot of new info, it just seems like things are settling down. My parents still largely disapprove of gestures broadly, but I have stopped caring as much, I guess

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@LivInTheLookingGlass it's good to hear it's getting better then! Family has definite benefits - no contacting people is hard (but more often than my decent upbringing would have led me to belive, necessary).

I went no contact with some of my "core" family as well, largely because of their transphobia, and I don't regret it. Everyone's situation is different, of course, but sometimes some bridges are best burned.

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