[ROT13] Will [Xnynqva] survive Book 5 of Stormlight Archive?

Resolves YES if Kaladin survives book 5. Resolves NO if Kaladin dies, excluding cases of resurrection. Resolves PROB 50% if he dies but leaves behind a cognitive shadow

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bought Ṁ1 NO

Bought the ''no'' erroneously, it would make no sense if he died given his character arc of choosing life over death.

@LivInTheLookingGlass Can you please resolve?

predicts YES

@SirCryptomind Book isn't out yet; close date was presumably set when we thought it'd be sooner.

@Forrest Ok, ill extend the close time since the creator is AFK

The time to kill him off was when he couldn't handle the Fourth Ideal and Teft could surpass him. Probably after Teft had surpassed him, allowing the Windrunners to grow beyond him.

Since that didn't happen, I think it would be very narratively unsatisfying.

I want to bet NO for some emotional hedging, but no amount of mana can make up for that pain.