How will I replace my phone?

Looking for recommendations.


  • Better camera than a OnePlus 7 Pro

  • At least a little water resistant

  • Either large storage or expandable storage

  • Android

  • Able to carrier unlock

  • Able to bootload unlock


  • Good camera

  • Not curved screen

  • Updates for 2+ years

LivInTheLookingGlass avatarThis is a subsidy, not a phone type
LivInTheLookingGlass avatarGoogle Pixel 7
LivInTheLookingGlass avatarOnePlus 10 Pro
jack avatarSamsung Galaxy S22
aaron19102 avatarSamsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
LivInTheLookingGlass avatarFairphone 4
LivInTheLookingGlass avatarSamsung Galaxy A53
LivInTheLookingGlass avatarI won't, I'll just repair the screen on my OnePlus Pro 7
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Asked a consumer electronics enthusiast friend who I've previously outsourced some of my own buying decisions to. In summary:

They felt the OnePlus 10 Pro was a solid option, additionally recommending it simply because it's the same brand as your previous phone and so would provide the most familiar experience. Also singled out the Pixel 7, which has some neat software features unique to the Pixel series in addition to having one of the best cameras available for Android users. Considered Samsung Galaxy S22 to also be a solid option. Conditionally recommended Samsung S22 Ultra as the potential best option for both storage and camera, but only if price is no object. They weren't previously familiar with the Galaxy A53 and were impressed by the level of hardware offered for the price, though they identified the processor as a likely weak point. Expressed skepticism of the value offered by the Zenfone 9 when compared to the options above.

They emphasized that, given the broad requirements, the top options above are all pretty good and therefore the best value might come down to what Black Friday/holiday/other sales are available. Also noted OnePlus 7 Pro replacement screens are hard to find now and probably almost as expensive as replacing the entire phone.

Samsung Galaxy S22
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I chose this after reading a bunch of reviews and have been pretty happy with it.

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