Will @getAlby reach 25,000 followers on Twitter (X) in 2024?
resolved Jan 2

This market will resolve to YES, if in 2024, the number of followers on the official Alby's account (@getAlby) on Twitter/X hits 25,000 or more.

The official number from Twitter will be used to resolve this market, however other sites like socialblade.com will also be helpful.
If it would be questioned, whether a number is achieved because or a bug or a temporary spike shorter than 24 hours, the resolution will wait until the YES conditions are met without a doubt.

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@LightningBee did you bot your own Twitter account?

@chrisjbillington lots of users from China

Someone clearly botted them, but it wouldn't have made sense to do it for a market worth this little, so I doubt it was someone here.

@chrisjbillington note traders that the resolution criteria require that number of followers in 2024. If the bot accounts get deleted/banned/whatever before the end of the year, this could resolve NO.

predicted YES

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