Neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump will be nominated by their party to run for President in 2024.
Apr 18

There are legal and age concerns for both candidates, some legitimate, some to be determined. It is possible niether man will gain his party's nomination. How likely is it?

Will be graded "YES" if neither man is nominated by his party to run for President for any reason, including death.

Will be graded "No" if either or both men receive their party's nomination.

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predicts YES

I can't extend this market for a time that makes this makes sense. It was one of my first questions. There are 22 traders, we'll have a "Race to 5 votes" to determine what happens, just vote "Option 1" or "Option 2" in the replies

Option 1: Resolve the market as N/A and refund stakes.

Option 2: Grade it on election night or sooner if applicable with current odds locked in, although it will seem like it's being graded very late.

@LesterCrafton Why not just extend the close date arbitrarily into the future and resolve it when we know the answer?

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