Will Joe Biden be the 2024 Democratic party nominee for President?
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Will Joe Biden be the 2024 Democratic Party Nominee for President?


Based on the web research, it is likely that Joe Biden will be the Democratic party's nominee for the 2024 presidential election. Most of the available sources confirm his intention and ongoing preparations to run for a second term. However, the final outcome also depends on factors like approval ratings and possible intra-party competition, which are subject to change.

Some Background From The Web

Will Joe Biden be the 2024 Democratic party nominee for President?

Does Joe Biden have plans to run for president in 2024?

What is the historical trend for incumbent presidents seeking re-election in the USA?

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@Ledger This can resolve NO as Biden dropped out, thanks!

@Ledger do you resolve based on who is the nominee coming out of the convention, or who is the nominee on election day?

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@Ledger I turned to be very difficult for me to find mentions of date when it will be announced. Duplicate link gives a hint though.