Will Andrew Crocket win the election for Santa Clara County assessor?
May 19
M$52 bet
There's an election for county assessor in Santa Clara County (the people who assess property for the purpose of levying property taxes). Larry Stone is a six-term incumbent and has served for 27 years. Andrew Crockett is a CPA and former employee of Stone's office. https://sanjosespotlight.com/election-2022-the-race-for-santa-clara-county-assessor/ My friends all want Crockett to win: https://progressandpoverty.substack.com/p/andrew-crockett-is-the-assessor-santa?s=w And another of Stone's former employees has come out against him: https://sanjosespotlight.com/bethel-vote-for-a-new-santa-clara-county-assessor/ That said, 27-year incumbents get to be 27-year incumbents for a reason. So regardless of what anybody wants aside, who is actually going to win this election? WHAT SAY YOU, HIVE MIND? #Elections #Politics #California #SantaClara