Conditional on the SMTM potato study yielding credible positive results, "Potato Diet would fix this" will become a recognizable internet meme
Jan 1, 2023
M$169 bet
Plagiarizing text from another market to give the context: On the 29th of April 2022, Slime Mold Time Mold (SMTM) announced a study to investigate the effects of a potato only diet, where volunteers eat nothing but potatoes (and a small amount of oil and seasoning). Anecdotal evidence suggests that the all potato diet can cause huge amounts of easy, sustainable weight loss. This study aims to test these claims more rigorously. This study will be conducted online. SMTM write "the only prerequisite for signing up is being willing to eat nothing but potatoes for at least four weeks, and being willing to share your weight data with us." Participants will weigh themselves and enter this data into a spreadsheet. When enough data has been collected, SMTM will publish the results. Full details of the study can be found here: Conditional on the study finding that the potato diet does indeed lead to significant and sustainable weight lost for a significant share of the participants (otherwise the market resolves to N/A), we will begin to see the term "Potato diet would fix this" (and other grammatical equivalents) popping up on twitter. #Health #Science Close date updated to 2022-12-31 11:59 pm

Jack Peterson 14 days ago

If the idea is to tease out whether this diet is achieving some level of public awareness, maybe it should be any widespread meme at all about the potato diet? e.g. suppose "potato prince of nightshades" or something becomes a widely-used meme, would that count?

Lars Doucet 14 days ago

Yeah it needs to be a recognizable, sustained, repeated meme. One utterance doesn’t count. Say something you could do a Twitter search for and get matches for several times a week, and not all from the same handful of accounts.

SneakySly 14 days ago

How much would it need to be seen on Twitter? Like if I just say it once to win this bet presumably that does not count?