Will NVIDIA’s (NASDAQ Ticker: $NVDA) stock price close below $300USD per share before August 1, 2023?
resolved Aug 1

After closing at approximately $305 yesterday, NVIDIA's earnings call has prompted a near 30% surge during today's trading day (5/25/2023).


Will track through both June and July with external factors such as the debt ceiling discussion, tech stocks' volatility, et al, affecting posted stock price during this time.

Will resolve YES if NVIDIA's stock closes below $300USD on any trading day between now and the end of July 2023. Any dips below $300USD during a trading day will not count towards this market.

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Why is the 5%? Is China going to invade Taiwan today or something?

@parhizj If I had a laugh react to give, I would. Lol

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Next forecasted earning date (https://www.wallstreethorizon.com/nvidia-earnings-calendar) is August 21. As I don't anticipate any other upsets that could rock the stock so much downwards in the next 40 days, especially given the AI hype and slow moving legislation, I am betting NO.

@parhizj There’s always gonna be bears with that “aaaaaany day now recession” energy though. Lol

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@LBeesley Yeah I've been anticipating a crash for a year now so maybe I'm jaded.

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@parhizj Read some more articles today indicating a recession is less likely in the short term. The trade war is also heating up with US-China over AI chips. I don't see the AI hype dying down this month even if there are some limited export controls.