Will I be employed by the same company at the end of calendar year 2023?
resolved Jan 1

I currently work in supply chain for a defense contractor. I've read articles about a pending recession, AI replacing many working professionals' jobs, and I generally have a constant bit of paranoia about being on the chopping block.

So I could get laid off or terminated (replaced by AI, company budget cuts, et al), I could accept a job offer elsewhere if the opportunity presents itself, or I could die. In the event the third option occurs, I'll see if I can find someone to resolve the market NO on my behalf.

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Mid year review update: people like me, according to my manager, and I’ve been assigned to train new people. I might be here awhile.

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@LBeesley if it's any consolation, i don't like you :)

lol i'm in supply chain and i haven't seen an ai that can cuss on the phone all day yet

@AlQuinn You ain’t kidding. Lol, I think it varies by commodity, but I remember a guy who bought fab arguing with some quality dude at the vendor who delivered a leaky chassis. Was a loud conversation in the midst of the cube farm. The damn thing still had fluid from the tests they ran before shipment. The thing has one job: fluid transfer, and it failed at that. I’d have been cussing and yelling too. Lol

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@LBeesley it's also stratified within supply chain by department. Here is the list in increasing bellicosity based on my experience:

  1. Inventory

  1. Supply Chain System Admins

  1. Procurement

  1. Distribution

  1. Transportation

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@AlQuinn This is exactly the sort of knowledge discovery that manifold was created to incentivize ;)